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E-Prescribing Made Easy

Our medication app OneConnectPoint® — designed exclusively for hospices — empowers you to spend less time dealing with pharmacy and more time caring for patients.

One Point. One Swipe.

OneConnectPoint® enables you to quickly and easily e-prescribe, admit patients, update medication profiles and much more – right from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The app integrates seamlessly with your hospice’s EMR so that you can:

  • Electronically order and refill medications – including controlled medications
  • Verify orders in real time against your formulary to ensure clinical and financial compliance and screen for drug interactions
  • Send messages to authorized approvers based on your dispensing rules, not the pharmacy’s
  • Access important clinical tools including Therapeutic Interchange Evaluation Report (TIER), Deprescribing Options Detail, Plan of Treatment (PoT), and Formulary Dispense Detail reports

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