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Integrated Care Solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of productivity, clinical and cost and compliance tools. Our simple, seamless and secure technology helps you streamline medication ordering and management, improve patient care and boost nurse satisfaction.

Productivity tools

  • Our OneConnectPoint® app simplifies e-prescribing and patient profiling information for new orders and refills – including controlled substances
  • Our app interfaces will all major EMRs, from CMS CR 8358 / 10573 (medication billing files), Admission / Discharge / Transfer (ADT, or demographic level) and Medication Profile level interfaces
  • Our PatientCare portal gives your team on-demand access to patient history, drug profile, diagnoses, Rx order history, real-time order status and more
  • C2 expiration reports allow clinical staff to proactively highlight C2 prescription expiration dates in advance, ensuring patient medication needs are always met

Clinical tools

  • Real-time access to patient Plan of Treatment listing all drug-related Condition of Participation requirements
  • Clinical symptom guide and diagnosis-based formulary help drive standardized practices
  • Clinical webinars and newsletter educate your team on best and emerging practices

Cost and compliance tools

  • Deprescribing tool optimizes medication regimens
  • CR8358 electronic reporting and/or downloading
  • Drug utilization evaluation assists in assessing audit and recoupment risks
  • Reporting that helps you meet quality measures and standards

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